Small Group Employers

Employers with Medicare eligible retirees have taken advantage of our Group Plan:

  • Use Pre-Tax Dollars (Tax Deductible) to pay for Healthcare Premiums
  • SAVINGS  – Group Plans use “pooled” rates /passing savings on to employers
  • Year-Round Availability (not just Renewal Period)
  • Full Benefit Coverage – 100% coordinated with Medicare
  • Full Prescription Drug Plan  – Coverage through “Donut-Hole”
  • Plan Design Options – contact us to discuss customizing Plan to meet your needs

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Large Group Employers

Post-age 65 retirees

Medicare eligible retirees are provided a fully insured medical program with a prescription drug benefit. Varying levels of coordinated coverage with Federal Medicare benefits provide several plan designs for employers and retirees to choose from.

We offer Retiree Plans that will replicate Benefit Plans for those Employers and Health & Welfare Funds required to meet contractual obligations or choose to continue the existing benefit levels. This Solution allows the Employer or Fund to be removed from the financial risk, reduce its cost for the program, and control its’ monthly budget.

Pre-age 65 retirees

This segment of retirees not yet able to take advantage of the Federal Medicare program are provided a benefit plan designed to control costs with an affordable monthly payment schedule. Flexibility in design incorporates varying levels of co-pays, deductibles and prescription drug coverage to meet all employer’ needs, yet providing retirees with first-dollar coverage for routine medical services (e.g. office visits, x-rays, prescriptions, etc).

Corporate retiree programs include the following basic features and services:

  • Guarantee issue – no medical underwriting
  • Single Plan for retirees nationwide
  • Affordable rates
  • Unlimited Drug Benefit
  • Spouses are eligible
  • No restrictive networks
  • Electronic claims processing
  • A+ Rated Carriers


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